Schieferhaus Wiesbaden


Acquired at the start of 2017, this retail and office building, erected in 1970, was already the second property to be purchased in the Wiesbaden inner city by Indigo Invest. Centrally located between the Marktkirche and central station, the slate building stands out due to its optimum accessibility and ideal surroundings comprising hotels, shops and restaurants.

Following the planned departure of the main tenant in March 2018, the property, comprising an overall rental space of almost 4,000 m², underwent a full renovation. In addition to extensive upgrading of the high-quality natural brick facade, the property was given a prestigious entrance area, new building technology and modern communal and sanitary areas. The property was already fully leased before completion.

Quantum Immobilien KVG mbH acquired the property for an investor at the end of 2019.

Project facts

Address Bahnhofstraße 15/17, Wiesbaden
Type of project refurbishment
Overall rental space 4 m2
Parking spaces 69
Main use office
Purchased 2017
Sold 2019

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